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A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

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To look out over the gleaming waters of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers is to survey the history— and future—of Wisconsin itself. Here, native peoples raised their families on its banks. Explorers canoed its snaking path toward the Mississippi paving the way for European settlement. Generations have flocked to its shores to earn their living, picnic with loved ones and seek their next big catch. These rivers beckon all around to delight in their beauty and bounty. The Fox River is an industrial powerhouse and is one of the few rivers to flow north. It’s counterpart, the Wisconsin River, is a wild and scenic, sand bar-spotted beauty. Together these rivers, and their contributing waterways connect us all with our history, culture—and each other.

Welcome to the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to these rivers and their history. To find out about our organization, follow the links in the green bar along the top of the page. They will share who we are, why we think these rivers are important, and will update you on all the projects we are currently working on. We have 3 main initiatives, and those are also found halfway down this page – they are our big “to do’s”.

If you are here not for us, but to visit and explore the rivers and their communities, the rest of the website is for you! Below you will find some of our favorite things to do along this 280 miles stretch. We have also broken everything up into sections to help you find what interests you – by favorite activity, historical or environmental focus, or trail system.

Have fun exploring! Wisconsin has a lot to offer – for the history buff, the paddler, the tourist, or the person who embodies all three! Let us know if you need any help – we are here to make sure you find what you are looking for!

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