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2015 River Talks

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    This informative evening was held on May 21st with renowned architect, urban designer and Harvard professor Alex Krieger.

    Many attendees have asked for a copy of the Parkway video that was played that evening, as well as the   summary of Alex Krieger’s message. The video is below, we will post Prof Krieger’s Power Point soon.



Heritage Parkway 2014 – 2015 from Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway on Vimeo.

The Parkway, with support from the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region,  brought Mr. Krieger to work with five area municipalities on their waterfronts. Some have redevelopment sites, some have issues with connecting the downtown with the river, and others underutilized parks. He and his colleague, Alan Mountjoy, studied, toured and then shared their insights and expertise in a presentation to the community.RiverTalks event7


Please follow this link for a PDF version of Professor Krieger’s power point presentation: Alex Krieger River Talks ppt 2015

Riverfront redevelopment potential has increased greatly due to the rebounding health of this river system. We celebrate this fact and honor those that have helped us get to this point with our first annual Lifetime River Advocate Award.


Krieger Picture

The most difficult challenge facing American urbanism may not be coming up with a better way to subdivide land, but rather to rescue, reinvigorate, reform, resettle, and learn to love again places that have already been made.” — Alex Krieger

The night, in addition to the consultations leading up to it, offered a fresh, regional perspective on waterfront redevelopment opportunities throughout the Fox Cities and it’s core messages will be applicable to many waterfront communities around the state.

For Additional information on Alex Krieger, click here.

Programs like this are not possible without the help of sponsors that have a vested interest in our area’s most precious resource and the community development it affords.

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