Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

About the Organization

Our organization celebrates this great corridor by promoting the history, improving access and preserving the future of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers.

History is our first priority – telling the stories that make up our collective past in a way that interests people. Through the years, these vital rivers have fed and clothed the people who lived beside their banks and opened the country to European settlement.  They powered mighty factories and were the inspiration for many inventions. They are home to prehistoric sturgeon, call eagles and great blue herons, and their resources are harnessed to provide hydropower, world-class fishing, and other recreational opportunities.

Access is our second priority – making sure that all those who love the rivers have quality access points to do just that. Installing canoe and kayak landings that are developed in such a way that people of all abilities and all skill levels are able to paddle the rivers. We encourage economic redevelopment of under-utilized sites so people can walk along the rivers and enjoy watching the currents and wildlife.

Preservation is our third priority – as industries grew and evolved, their impact on the rivers became apparent.  Wisconsin is now a national leader in practicing the balance that needs to take place between using the rivers to power manufacturing and agriculture and caring for them in order to sustain wildlife and recreation.

We invite you to spend some time getting to know these rivers – you will be glad you did.