Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.


Preparation of the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Area Feasibility Study was accomplished by Friends of the Fox with generous support from East Central Regional Planning Commission. Many other groups and individuals contributed information, provided analysis, or assisted with the review process. Their help is greatly appreciated.

Primary Authors

Candice Mortara & Helen Young

Executive Committee:

Dan Reinhold, Candice Mortara, Pete Hensler, Vickie Milde, Dave Peck, John Forster, Ed Kleckner, Tom Baron, Eric Fowle, Marilyn Gardner, Greg Keil, Linda Stoll

Advisory Committee

Betsy Roselle, Dave Horst, Dave Willems, Bob Jakel, Mike Brandel, Catherine Neiswender

Friends of the Fox

Candice Mortara, Bill Bush, Larry Medema, Steve Lockhart, Dave Peck, Brunhilde Courtney, Ellen Balthazor, Dan Reinhold, Dick Abb, Bob Stark, Ed Kleckner, Jackson Medley, Jack Nelson, Sue Schrampfer, Karin Whealon, John Forster, Helen Young

East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Eric Fowle, Ed Kleckner, Tom Baron, Trish Nau


Lee Summerville, Monica Rico, Valerie Stabenow, Mark Hoffman, Craig Eggleston, Steve Wagner, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Recreation Planning and Site Design class, University of Wisconsin Madison Planning class, Lawrence University Environmental History class


National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Fox Cities Greenways, State Historical Society, Friends of the Lower Wisconsin, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Lower Wisconsin Riverway Board, Fox River Navigational System Authority