Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

Appendix F: Public Involvement Materials

The following form was given out at the Fond du Lac Listening Session, and others, for the purpose of explaining the Parkway, facilitating discussions, and receiving feedback from citizens regarding the project.

Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway Listening Session
April, 28, 2009 – Fond du Lac, WI

What is the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway?

The Parkway is 280-mile, non-continuous river corridor, comprising of the Fox River (Lower, Upper, and pool lakes) and the Lower Wisconsin River. Its purpose is to highlight and enhance the unique heritage of the State of Wisconsin by exemplifying and promoting the cultural, historical, recreational, and natural resources of this river corridor. For more information see:

What is a National Heritage Area (NHA)?

A NHA is a region defined by the NPS as nationally significant for its cultural, historic, and natural resources. It expands on traditional approaches to resource stewardship by supporting large-scale, community-centered initiatives that connect local citizens to the preservation and planning process. Unlike a national park, a NHA is not subject to the same level of zoning and regulations on land use, and is managed at a local level. For more information see:

Proposed NHA Themes:

NHA themes are derived from analyses of the region’s contribution to our national heritage. They represent the broad stories that integrate the collection of individual resources so they may be viewed within the context of the whole.

  • Native Peoples & the Trail of the Serpent
  • Route to Discovery
  • Waves of Immigration
  • Hardest Working River Highway
  • Land & Industry of Abundance
  • Currents of Conservation