Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

Strategic Operations Plan

About the Plan

The Strategic Operations Plan was created to better implement portions of The Interpretive Master Plan by addressing issues such as staffing and marketing. The plan examines multiple positions that need to be created as well as helping the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway become a self-sustaining organization.

The plan was created in conjunction with Guident Business Solutions.

To see a full copy of the plan click here.

A few key things that the Strategic Operations Plan covers include:
Creation of new positions in the Parkway
  • Executive Director
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Community Liaison
  • A description of each position’s requirements is laid out in the plan
Creation of a Parkway Policy Handbook
  • The book lays out administrative policies for staff members.
    • These policies will be set forth for each and every member of the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway to abide by
Marketing Strategies
  • Covers different competitive marketing strategies and which one best fits the Parkway
  • Discusses three different ways, besides fundraising and grants, for the Parkway to generate revenue
  • Membership
    • Creation of different membership levels
    • Each level will have different advantages and discounts included with it
  • Merchandise
    • Creation of Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway merchandise that will be available for purchase
    • Products range from photos and apparel to maps and items that offer a unique historical perspective
  • User Fees