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The Parkway is home to a vast number of bird species, both native and migratory. Wisconsin is now the second leading birding state in the United States. The state has over 400 species in 46 families, 36 of the 246 species are endemic to North America. There are many great places where you can watch them in action and learn more than you want to know – or just enough – about each species. Wisconsin is under one of the nation’s most significant migratory bird routes. Wildlife preserves, parks, reserves, sanctuaries and arboreta provide important bird stopovers and homes and therefore make for great bird watching locations. So, welcome to Wisconsin birding! We challenge you to find all 400+ species, no really – and photograph them. Are you up for it?!?

Bald eagle watching in Wisconsin

The cold winter months of December through February are good times to find and watch bald eagles in Wisconsin. Since lakes and rivers freeze over in winter, dams and power plants provide areas of open water in which the eagles can fish. The greatest number of eagles can usually be seen at open-water areas in the mornings as they fly back and forth, searching for their first meal of the day. Wintering eagles also feed on carrion and later in the day can frequently be seen searching for and feeding on dead deer and other animals in the countryside. Once a carcass is located, several eagles often congregate to feed. Late in the afternoon, the eagles head to their favorite night roosting areas – places with large trees that provide protection from cold winds and severe weather.

The best places to see eagles

Wisconsin offers numerous opportunities to view eagles and learn more about these magestic birds.

Sauk Prairie hosts Bald Eagle Watching Days – January 16 – 17
1000 Islands” Eagle Days – January 17
Bald Eagle Days, Cassville – January 25 – 26
Ferryville, on March 7
Fox Valley, Bald Eagle Days
Bald Eagle Appreciation Day in Prairie du Chien – February 27 – 28
Bald Eagle watching in Wisconsin

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Where to see Birds

Birders of all experience levels and interests will find that there are places throughout the 280 miles of the Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway that provide excellent bird watching opportunities. Green Bay’s L.H. Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve in the Lower Fox River, Heckrodt Wetland reserve between Appleton and Menasha in the Upper Fox River, and traveling through the Lower Wisconsin River from Prairie du Sac, to Wyalusing State Park, and Effigy Mounds National Monument near Prairie du Chien are just a few of the key areas for viewing birds along the Riverway. State, county, and city parks, national wildlife refuges, state wildlife areas, and private lands have extensive native prairie remnants, woodland, wetland, marshes, and other habitats for birds and birding.

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    Eagles and Cranes and Prairie Chickens

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