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Thousands of diamonds blink at you as they float past. Sunshine warms the breeze. Slowly you reach down, exhale, and hit the throttle. At that moment the surrounding landscape is transformed to a blurry blend of blues and greens as your world is set in motion. Warp factor seven Mr. Scott. Destination: almost anywhere. If nothing else, boating on the Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway gives you options. From these waters you can navigate the world. Is that cool or what?

Things that might be helpful to know

We’ve assembled a number of questions that have been helpful for other boaters to know. Take a look and happy boating. If you have a question that you would like to submit please contact us here.

    What are the 2 buoys outside of the Menasha lock that read “out flow”?

    The 2 buoys on Little Lake Butte des Morts near the channel from the Menasha lock mark the ends of out flow pipes. They are outside the channel and similar to other hazard buoys and should not be approached closely.

    Can you provide more guidance as to which way to go when coming back to Appleton Yacht Club by Appleton Lock #3?

    The buoys are red and green. Keep the green ones on your right and the red ones on your left when going downstream to stay in the channel. Don’t hug the green buoys when downbound.

    You also might wat to note that the channel near the Menasha RR bridge is narrow and deep and is easy to navigate. The channel near the RR bridge just below Appleton lock #3 has a natural shoreline on one side and the bridge on the other. It is deeper close to the bridge rather than close to shore. We recommend staying in the middle and sharing it with oncoming boat traffic as needed. It is much better to pass 15’ from another boat in the channel rather than 15’ from a natural shoreline you are unfamiliar with.

    Are there enough no wake buoys by Appleton Yacht Club?

    The Fox above the Appleton Yacht Club is the most densely buoyed area on the Winnebago system. The idle zone is well marked most years and well maintained.

    Do most boaters tip the lock tenders?

    Tipping lock tenders is always a nice gesture particularly on a busy day when they are running in circles. Keeping good control of your boat and having your money ready are also ways of making locking thru go smoothly. Carefully reading the back of the lock pass will make you aware of the lock tenders’ and lock sites’ needs.

    How many locks are on the Lower Fox, and are they all open?

    From Menasha to Green Bay, there are 17 locks. 8 are open to navigation, 4 are closed waiting for a bridge rebuild, 4 are currently under reconstruction, 1 is closed permanently to keep invasive species out of Lake Winnebago and will have a transfer station eventually.

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