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Often, you associate special places with a specific culinary delight. A food that has become synonymous with the experience of being there. Paris brings to mind exquisite French pastry. Chicago has deep dish pizza to die for. London has, well okay, lets skip England. Like America itself, the Fox Wisconsin Herirtage Parkway has become a melting pot of different cultures, each bringing with them their own unique recipes and agricultural techniques that have blended together into pure scrumpsoliciousness. Today, farmers markets, restaurants, and farm tours offer a cornucopia of “old world” culinary enjoyment throughout the Parkway. There are ethnic festivals with food from around the world, county and local fairs that showcase the freshest bounty of the region’s farms, and community festivals that give neighbors a chance to experience another culture. Whether you are a Cheese curder in paradise, like to sautee some freshly caught trout on a campfire under the stars or experience the homemade delicacies offered by the many eating establishments that line the Parkway, your tastebuds should be prepared for an adventure in appetite awesomeness.

The Diversity of Wisconsin Agriculture

The early settlement of this region and the industrial boom of the 19th and 20th centuries brought immigrants from around the world to the Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway. Descendants of these immigrants as well as new immigrant groups make the towns and cities across the Parkway brought unique and interesting cuisine to their communities. Many of these communities have retained this culinary heritage to offer including food, song, dance, and one of a kind crafts to its visitors. Agritourism is defined as “visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operation to enjoy, be educated or be involved in activities happening there.” Agritourism has seen a rise in popularity in the United States over the past decade from both farmers and tourists.

Stepping into the Past

For some, the only way to understand the past is to experience it firsthand. Historical societies, museums, and folklore organizations across the Parkway sponsor living history events throughout the year to allow visitors to take a step back for a little while including historic culinary reenactment such as a food-focused events that takes place in the Villa Louis kitchen in Prairie du Chien where visitors can see the kitchen staff make sausages apple cider, and other seasonal treats and learn about putting food by Victorian-style.

Celebrating the bounty of the land

The lush farm fields of the Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway are among the most productive farm lands in Wisconsin. Farming communities have celebrated the harvest and the fruits of their labor each fall for centuries with local and county fairs that showcase the best the region’s farmers have to offer. Livestock exhibits, petting zoos, baked goods, amusement rides, and music make fairs a great way to spend time in Wisconsin among the region’s biggest and best agricultural showcases. Insert Map of Culinary and Agritourism Attractions.


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