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Heritage Parkway News, Issue 3 – Spring 2009

News from the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway
A New Scenic Byway Designation and Year of the Riverway Proclamation

By Mark E. Cupp, Executive Director, Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway encompasses nearly 80,000 acres of public and private lands along the final 92 miles of the Wisconsin River, beginning below the last dam on the river at Prairie du Sac and extending to the confluence with the Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien. The Riverway is designed to protect and preserve the scenic beauty and natural character of the lower Wisconsin River valley. The project began in 1989 and will celebrate the 20-year milestone with many special events. The anniversary has been recognized by Governor Jim Doyle and the Wisconsin Legislature as 2009 has been proclaimed “The Year of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.” The special events will include field trips, canoe outings, lectures and presentations at locations throughout the Riverway. A schedule of events is detailed on the Riverway Board website at

On April 27th, dedication of STH 60 from Lodi to Prairie du Chien as a new Wisconsin Scenic Byway took place. A whirlwind tour of the 100-mile corridor began in Lodi with remarks and ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony by Department of Tourism Secretary Kelli Trumble (see picture on right). The tour ended in Prairie du Chien with a keynote address at the closing ceremony by Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton. The Lower Wisconsin River Road: From the Empire Prairie to the Mighty Mississippi is the name of the new scenic byway. A unique intersection in Crawford County of the Great River Road, a national scenic byway, and the Lower Wisconsin River Road, a state scenic byway, offers tremendous marketing potential for the region. Additional information may be found at
the project website:

Persons interested in learning more about the archeology of the Riverway are encouraged to visit the website of
Cultural Landscape Legacies, Inc. at Many interesting effigy mound groups are found in the Riverway and a self-guided tour brochure is available. For information on public lands, state parks and state natural areas, visit the Department of Natural Resources website at

Brochures and information on recreational opportunities in the Riverway may be obtained by contacting the Riverway Board office at (608) 739-3188 or 1-800-221-3792 or by e-mail at

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