Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

Favorite Activities

C’mon, it’ll be fun!

So, have you found yourself here for a business meeting, or visiting family for the holidays? Your days are mostly full, but are you looking for something to augment your time? We are happy to help you find an activity that you will enjoy doing! Below are some of our favorite things to do along these rivers, but we bet you aren’t too familiar with which cities are on which parts of the river corridor. We lived here for years before we found out that the Fox River flows North and the Upper Fox is found South of the Lower Fox. (Hope we didn’t just confuse things further.)

Or, are you looking for a new experience close to home? A staycation that includes just enough history to make it feel substantial without taking the fun out for those who glaze over when the dates start rolling? In 1892 ……

Let the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway help you plan your adventure.

First, the geography: Overview Map

Next, the kind of activity you have most interest in exploring: follow one of the picture links below to get a look at the kinds of things there are to do.

Then, go to Plan A Trip, choose the City you are in or want to be closest to, or the river segment you want to explore (if the overview map made sense to you), along with the activity or historic topic and hit search. Start exploring and adding things to your planning itinerary. Save it and come back later, or print and go. If any questions come up along the way, send an email and we will help! Welcome to the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway!

    “The one thing in the world of value is the active soul” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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