Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

Freedom Bronze Statue

Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Water Trail
Accessibility In Focus

Children and adults with disabilities oftentimes struggle to explore and enjoy the natural resources of the state due to barriers, unless opportunities are provided. Adaptive water sports are evolving to become a means by which individuals with disabilities improve their health and quality of life through physical activity. A National Recreation Trail, named the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Water Trail, stretching from Green Bay, crossing Portage, to the Prairie du Chien area is in development and must accommodate this population, not as a secondary thought but as a primary focus.

As paddle sports grow in popularity, we must remember to advocate so the infrastructure being developed is suitable to serve people of all abilities. Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway is doing just that! We are creating a 280-mile water trail which stretches across the state of Wisconsin, and to date have raised funds and partnered for 6 accessible launches, with many more to come.

This concept so inspired Chris Navarro, a Sedona based artist, that he created the statue titled “Freedom” to commemorate the importance and impact of being able to independently kayak in the river. By leaving the wheelchair behind on the shore, each kayaker is equal to the other, lower extremity disabilities are difficult if not impossible to detect, and everyone is gliding together through the waves.

freedom image



Please consider purchasing one of these beautiful statues, the proceeds of which will go toward the next accessible launch.The Fox and Wisconsin Rivers – Connecting us all.