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2015 Project Focus Areas

We had a passionate and productive planning session in November, and have come to the following decisions as to what 2015 is going to be about for the Parkway. If your favorite project is not listed, it doesn’t mean we won’t tackle it. We just agreed to accomplish this list first, but as something comes off of it, something may be added to the bottom of the list. Together, with our massively dedicated volunteers, we can make this waterway come alive as the national treasure that it is!

Projects – Work Plan for 2015

  1. Accessible & Traditional Launches – continue to fundraise and install, goal of 4 – 5 accessible and 8 – 10 traditional
  2. Lock House at Little Chute – Complete restoration by October 2015
  3. Website – Have in excellent condition re: all content by Dec 2015
  4. Aquatic Habitat Template – Completed
  5. Heritage Consortium Museum Store Analysis completed if awarded grant funding
  6. Water Trail Gap Analysis Complete, which will Complete Water Trail Plan
  7. Heritage Paddles – Hold 2015 & Plan for Going Forward with Partners –
  8. Hold 1 Fox Locks River Tour
  9. Provide Sponsorship for National History Day
  10. Hmong Project – Complete Study & Create Exhibit to Display at 2 locations
  11. Receptive Tourism – Exploration Phase
  12. Partnered Signage – content & design creation when funding is received
  13. Annual Meeting

It’s going to be a good 2015!!

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