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Adding in the Painted Radiator

And, so it’s the middle of November, and not a sash hung in the house. Who knew there were so many steps?!?

The first 20 windows have been stained on the inside and painted on the outside, went to Tri-City Glass for glazing and are now back at ‘home’. Each window still needs a poly coat and final paint coat, and then will then be ready to install. But first the putty has to cure – and that takes days longer in this cold weather. The second 20 windows are at Tri-City as we speak, waiting for us to deliver some additional old glass – we have officially run out. Anyone have some to spare?

We have the stops from the windows stripped, and Al offered to take them home to his shop to stain, where they will dry faster in the warmth. Thank you Al!

Dan and Mike, two new volunteers, came today and with me and Al, scraped and scraped and scraped the radiators, which have been pulled away from the wall for that purpose – as well as giving us the ability to paint behind them.



We were freezing cold when we started this work…but as physical as it was, we didn’t stay cold for long!

John pulled the drop ceiling out of the bathroom, having scraped his own radiator yesterday. Slow but steady is the mantra. Jeff will work on the remaining sash Wednesday. Dare I say, let’s shoot for the windows in by end of November?!?!

Meanwhile, wonderful friends in Milwaukee are taking the day driving with a trailer to Menomonee Falls and Racine to pick up the stove and refrigerating machine that we purchased!! It takes a village!!

I finally took some pictures of the windows, newly stained – want to see?




Nice, hey?!? We are still going strong. If you have time, please come Friday to help – as we won’t be working on Thanksgiving. Help us make our second goal for windows.

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