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And the Volunteers Take the Lead!

So, I have to be honest, and say that with the cold weather, and not getting the windows nor the radiators in as of yet, I have been ready to take a pause until early spring. It just seems too difficult — the putty keeping the glass in the sash is not curing in the cold weather, the painting that needs to be done behind the radiators before we can put them back in place, needs 55 degrees or so to take. The house is too cold to be able to heat up fast enough to make it worth the volunteer’s time. I put out the suggestion that we take a break.

And the tried and true 3 guys that come every week, would hear nothing of it!! They said, nope, let’s keep going – slow but steady wins the race.

John built a cave around one wall, and was able to heat it up to high enough temperature to paint. He removed the baseboards, and Al is taking them home to strip and stain. Jeff took all the windows into the basement, where he and John set up some heaters to stay on through the weekend to give the sash enough warm time to cure the putty.

Keeping on keeping on – the volunteers have taken the lead role, and kept the project moving along. That is a huge gift! Thank you, guys!

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