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As we Near the End of the Year

Even on the Friday after Christmas, John, Jeff, Terry, Dave & Mike showed up to work at the lock house! Progress was made, and then we took time to meet across the street for pizza and beer. It was very nice!

And out of that came this timeline:

  • Four strips of salvage baseboard need to be sanded and top coated – Al will take to shop at his house to do
  • Front door onto porch will be installed – Terry will do tomorrow
  • Insulated board will be installed to cover door into the cellar – Terry will do tomorrow
  • The exterior of the window sash is done, the interior needs final coat – Jeff will do by 1/14
  • Plaster is repaired behind radiators, Paint needs 2 coats – Dave and Mike will do tomorrow
  • Baseboard needs to be reattached
  • Keyes needs to be called to reattach radiators – most likely will come 2nd week in January
  • Sash needs to be hung
  • Insulation needs to go into the attic at the very least
  • Small section of baseboard in Dining Room needs to be stripped and stained

Once these things are completed ….. we can TURN ON THE HEAT!!!! Hope is by January 23rd!!!


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