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Aug 15 Lock House Update

Well, as we wrote previously, we were told that many of the systems of the house such as heating, plumbing, electrical would be covered by FRNSA – who owns the house. 2 days ago, we were told that that was spoken out of turn and not ok’d by the board, and not in our lease. We knew it was not in the lease, and were surprised but grateful when the reimbursement was originally offered.

So, we are back to our initial thinking – we need quite a bit of money to make this happen.

It doesn’t take away from all the amazing work the volunteers have done, but it means straight away we either need a donation of around $15,000 or donated plumbing and heating services. Electrical we do have covered by Faith Technologies for at least the first 80 hours — thank you, Faith!

Any connections that anyone can send our way? Please let me know – 920-209-7789.

Thank you,

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