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A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

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Fox-WI Heritage Water Trail Current Status

Heading to the end of 2014:

Accessible Landings Installed: Shattuck Park: Neenah

Shattuck Park dedication ADA landing 2014

Traditional Landings Installed or Upgraded:

Accessible Landings To Be Installed in Spring 2015: Sunset Park: Kimberly, Heistand Park: Princeton

Traditional Landings in Process: Appleton Lock 1, Appleton Lock 2 – both have been seeded but need signage

App 2 Lower Landing Restoration.2

Appleton Lower Lock 2 Landing

App 2 Lower Landing Restoration

Appleton Lower 2 Reseeded

App 1 Upper Trad Landing Restore.2

Appleton 1 Upper Traditional Landing Restoration

App 1 Trad Landing Restore

Appleton Upper 1 Landing Reseeded

Water Trail Maps Updated: Base maps are done, historic paddle points and landing amenities are being refined and confirmed

Sections of Water Trail Completed:



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