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I’d Like to Give the World a Coke

A big thank you to 15 employees of Coca Cola who came to us through Rebuilding Together to help with our painted woodwork! The 2 – 3 paint layers on the door casings proved just as difficult as on the windows – and will take more than they could tackle in one day – but they made great progress and we are most grateful!

IMG_1806 IMG_1805 IMG_1804


We are plowing along and will be working today at the house as well – trying to get as much done by May 9th as possible – to be ready for the big final push of painting and landscaping. It’s going to be tight.

A gentleman stopped in while we were working yesterday and said he was good friends with one of the boys that used to live in the house and he remembers playing there as a boy. He thanked us for restoring the house, said that it meant a lot to see it come back to life. That makes it worth it!

Thanks again Coca Cola! Remember this commercial?




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