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IMP Update – Welcome Interpretive Solutions!

Welcome Interpretive Solutions

The Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway is very excited to announce that an agency has been selected to develop our Interpretive Master Plan!!

After receiving numerous proposals and holding three interviews, the Board of Directors has selected Interpretive Solutions, Inc. to begin work on the Interpretive Master Plan (IMP). Interpretive Solutions is based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania and brings over fifteen years of dedicated interpretive master planning experience to this project. Interpretive Solutions is also one of only four firms nationwide that has been pre-qualified to provide interpretive planning services for national parks, historic sites, memorials and national heritage regions under a special agreement with the National Park Service.

The Interpretive Master Plan will provide direction for development of interpretive facilities, media, and programs along the Parkway. Additionally, they will gather extensive public input and work to make the plan a product of all of our partners so that it reflects our collective goals, giving each partner a stake and reason to help in turning it into reality. They will document the entire planning process for future stakeholders, including information on resources, themes, site and facilities design, as well as program and media concepts, so that any part may be revisited in the future without having to go back to the drawing board.

The start of the IMP represents a great milestone, but the work is just beginning. This planning process will take roughly eighteen months to complete. Much information and idea generation will be needed from our partners. If you would like to be involved in the planning process and are not yet a partner, please contact Candice at

A great many thanks are due to everyone who has made this development possible. We look forward to fulfilling our promise of becoming a nationally recognized Parkway that is locally driven and a great boon to the communities is which it is located.

About the Plan

An interpretive master plan is required by all National Heritage Areas and is an integral part of the planning process. This plan will evaluate the current cultural, historical and natural resources within the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway (FWHP), providing strategies to enhance existing interpretive programs and facilities and make recommendations for new interpretive opportunities.

As we begin developing the plan, we will work closely with individual heritage sites throughout the 280-mile river corridor to determine their role in telling the unique story of the Parkway and to determine interpretive needs within each community.

Using the six historical themes as a framework, the plan will assess several key areas, including a resource inventory, historical theme development, design concepts and interpretive programming. These themes make connections between the cultural and historical resources and the natural world to help visitors understand and learn about the Parkway.

The total cost of the interpretive master plan in $150,000. To learn how you can support historic preservation and the development of new recreational facilities in your Parkway community, visit our Support Us page.

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