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Last 2014 Paddle Was a Blast – and we have video to prove it!

Fox River Pix-557


I should wait to post this until I have the wonderful and exact numbers from Jeff Mazanec on the turn out and break down for the day and better yet, the whole paddle series. But I didn’t want to wait, so you have to check back in for those.

What I did want to say was how absolutely amazing the paddles are. Truly wonderful and friendly and helpful people show up to these events, and there is a sense of community, of commonality, that just feels great!

Thank you to Jeff, Dave, and Tom for all that you do year after year to make this a possibility. We are so very grateful and over and over again get comments on how well run these events are. Thank you, know that you are appreciated!

We will get the stats together, and we have a ton of photos and this year we are fortunate to have great time-lapse photography of the launch, going through Appleton Lock #4, landing, and a bit of loading the cars. Very fun to watch. We will be having a post-season pot luck as soon as we can get our heads together to pick a date and will be sharing all with you.

Stay tuned!

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