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Photo Shoot Extraordinaire

Kyle taking pictures - above and beyond in Omro

Kyle taking pictures – above and beyond in Omro

As a benefit we are happy to offer our members, we brought in a photographer to work with some of our heritage site partners to take external pictures of their sites and the surrounding areas.

Kyle flew in from San Francisco, braving one broken airplane which led to being bumped to a later flight. This stranded him in Chicago for the night, only to wake up to word that a fire in the radar building of O’Hare Airport canceled all the flights for the day. He hi-tailed it to the rental car counter, and was third in line of what was to be an extremely large number of people trying to find alternate transportation to their destinations.

After no sleep and a 4 hour drive to Appleton, he jumped in the car with me and made it to Omro a mere 6 hours later than planned. Fearing nothing in search of the best photo, he was game to ride a cherry picker in order to get a bird’s eye view of the Omro clock tower. This tower was built in 1896, houses a fully functional Seth Thompson clock that is still wound by hand once a week, and has been featured in Life Magazine.

He crawled up into the tower itself to get the view from within. Interesting what is be found behind a clock after all these years. Can anyone guess what he found?

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