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We had 10 people show up to volunteer this past Saturday!! A HUGE THANK YOU to each of them for not only their time, but the sacrifice of their shoulders. We scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the walls to get the adhesive left from the wallpaper off, until most of us could not lift our arms anymore. One volunteer accurately pointed out that once you are involved in taking down wallpaper and getting the glue off the walls, you will never again put wallpaper up in your house – so true!! So much work.

But we did it! Behold, clean walls:




The insulator started Monday and will finish this Friday. After that…….. wait for it ……. PLASTER!! Can you believe it?!?!?!?

And you know when I made it sound like washing the walls was the last big push? Silly me!! We got a new to do list last night. For those die hard detailers, here is our list of to dos:

Skilled Jobs:
Box out the drain pipes that run down the kitchen wall**
Make stops for the kitchen windows and varnish them
Decide if need to carpet the stairs – the old carpet was glued down quite well – or do we strip them
Grind off the stickers found in the closet**
Get a mold of the window trim to match it for the kitchen windows and decide what to do upstairs
Look at salvaged baseboards to see if able to use for upstairs window trim
Investigate basement window and repair if needed

Less Skilled Jobs:
Pick up the sink that Studio Kitchens donated
Remove the paint from the water pipes in the kitchen
Find out best way to paint radiators in place
Cover the bathroom floor with masonite**
Notate where each wall is missing lathe**
Remove most everything from the house for the plasterers to have easy access**
Seal the walls with primer**
Check paint color meant for the bathroom with the color the tub is painted
Clean up the 2 sinks and the tub and remove any rust

Hunting Jobs:
Get wood and brackets for the farm shelves we will be installing in the kitchen
Find new “pie plates” for the furnace holes in each room
Get wood for next layer of flooring on the landing going to the basement
Get new wood for slats in the coal room doorway – the current ones are too full of mold
Make sure we have all the hardware for the porch windows
Find switch plates for push button switches – we believe they need to be plastic – confirmation needed
Find plug plates – vintage?
Pick out toilet and new faucets for sinks and tub — In Process
Find 2 period railings for front porch
Find rope for flag pole

** Needs to be done prior to Monday

Today we videotaped the great childhood drawings on bedroom #3’s walls, so we have a record of them. We also finished the plumbing needed to fit the sinks that we have, and brought the gas line to the stove wall.

So, we will be there Friday and Saturday at 8:30. Please come to help!

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