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River Boat Tours Cancelled

We are very sorry to say that yet another obstacle has gotten in the way of these tours. The captain of ‘On the Loos’ just informed us that his Certificate of Inspection did not arrive as expected. We do not feel that it is wise to bring guests on board without this important piece of paperwork.

I will personally be calling each passenger to let them know the details and all ticket prices will be reimbursed.

Once ‘On the Loos’ is fully certified, we will work to reschedule and will notify all who had tickets first. Hopefully, at that time, the Menasha Lock will be fixed and we will be able to go through the system as originally planned.

We are so very, very sorry for this change and have scrambled to try and figure out an alternative.

This is a stumble to bringing a passenger vessel to the system, but it has provided many valuable lessons. Please check with us in the next month for updates.

Candice Mortara

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