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Stripping Done – Move to Staining!

We have great news! The windows are all 100% stripped!!!! Whew, that took a lot of work!

So, next is staining the window sash. The windows themselves are going to Tri-City Glass tomorrow to get glazed. They have generously offered 50% off their services for this project! Thank you Tri-City!

If you were wanting to help, but in no way wanted to strip, here is your chance to jump in. John Elliott will be there from 8:30 to 3:00 tomorrow and he will be ripping out the kitchen cabinet and prepping the windows for staining. Please let me know if you are able to make it.

Also, great news, Studio Kitchens donated their time and talent to designing the kitchen – Thank you!! Could not have even tried to figure that one out on our own!

Then we just found a period range on Craig’s List for a wonderful price! We are moving forward, super cool.



Lastly, a woman took me aside in the Down The Hill Bar, and said that tears were brought to her eyes when she heard that we were doing this. She has loved the house growing up, and was scared that they would tear it down eventually. She was thrilled that it was coming back to life. Great conversation!

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