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The gratitude

Ok, this is a personal post.

We had 4 great volunteers come on Friday and 3 great volunteers come on Saturday! Thank you so very much to them for their time – I hear no one likes to prime really so they were making an extra effort – thank you!! We got a lot accomplished in that time, but there was still so much to do before Tuesday.

My dear husband assessed the situation adequately through my worry and drove to not one, not two, not three, but four of our close neighbor’s houses and initiated them into a painting Sunday. Go to Starbucks, show up at 10:00, prime for 3 or 4 hours until it is done – go for a beer at Down the Hill bar across the street. Everyone was a trooper, no one wanted to do it really – of course – beautiful Sunday spent in smelly primer fumes – but they all said yes and 3 hours later – the ENTIRE HOUSE IS PRIMED AND READY FOR PLASTER!!!!

Thank you to my husband, thank you to the neighbors, thank you to the volunteers! This project never stops filling me with gratitude.

And the additional really great thing is that just about every single person who works on this house walks away loving the house just a little bit. A house built by the US Army Corps of Engineers that served as home for 90 years to the good families that made it possible to navigate these waters, and is now being brought back to its glory with love and generosity.


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