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Who Says You Can’t Get Any Work Done Laying Down???

Dave Peck Laying Down on Job Little Chute Lock HouseLaying down on the job???? Well, of course we will take all the volunteer help we can get….even if it is in a reclined position. Of course you must be accomplishing our goals of completing the interior renovation as you lay. The Parkway realizes there are times that it is difficult to get the job done without getting down and dirty! Need I say more???

We are so excited to say the heat is on in the lock house and work is moving forward once again. We are looking for donations of both time and finances for the installation of insulation throughout the house.

Can you help? If so, please contact us. Time is of the essence as spring is right around the corner. WE WILL GET THIS PROJECT COMPLETED….THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

A HUGE thank you for all of the volunteers who labor selflessly to accomplish our goals!!

Work on Little Chute Lock HouseWork on Little Chute Lock House 2

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