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Windows are a GREAT Invention!

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So, nine people the weekend before last, six people today, and the faithful 2 or three people every Friday – and nine windows are almost fully stripped!!!

The entire process to completion:

For the casings – it takes many layers of Soy Paint Remover, many hours of soaking time covered with plastic, many more hours of scraping and steel wooling, sand and stain, and repeat and repeat and repeat.

For the windows themselves – it takes dipping to remove asbestos, sanding, sanding, sanding, staining, staining, priming and painting the outer face, replacing the glass, and repeat and repeat and repeat.

But, what we will have at the end are gorgeous window casings and windows. We just need to finish the last couple touches, which will most likely take another I don’t know how many hours of labor! And we will be ready to take out the vandal proof shutters and put in the windows! Put in the windows! The eyes of the home.

Almost as exciting as when the front door went in. Our goal is October 31st. Do you think we can make it? We have 4 Fridays, with about 7 hours each, and 3 Saturdays, with 4  hours each. If my math is right, that gives us 40 hours to work. Stay tuned for updates as we count down. #WILockHouse

And for a nicely articulated brief history of glass, the thing that makes all good windows great, please take a moment to visit

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