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Windows not in by end of October – shall we shoot for end of November? Brrrrrrrr……

Well, we gave it the good old college try! But October came and went and we found ourselves working in a pretty chilly house Friday and yesterday with cardboard on the vents in the shutters and a space heater humming away in the corner. But we are keeping on keeping on!

We have dropped 20 sash – and the exact definition of sash being “the framework in which panes of glass are set in a window or door; also : such a framework together with its panes forming a usually movable part of a window” – something that is very useful to know when speaking about this kind of thing. I believe I have used this word incorrectly a number of times throughout these posts – (sorry). We have dropped 20 sash off at Tri-City Glass, who offered to glaze them (replace the glass and putty the window). We have all the original glass, it was just taken out of the windows during moth balling a number of years ago.

Tri-City Glass has offered to give us 50% off as a donation to the cause!! Thank you Tri-City Glass!!

The rest of the sash are in various states of being ready to drop off to be glazed, but should be done this week.

And all but one kitchen window now have been sanded down and have their first coat of pecan stain on them!!! Beautiful!! And I will post pictures soon – I unfortunately did not think to take any yesterday – boo! We are coming along! Thank you so very much to the many dedicated volunteers who have made this possible – I am tallying up the hours today as well and will report them when I post the pictures.

And then, there is the 1930s stove that we are in the process of getting from a kind person in Menomonee Falls. Very exciting – I do have a picture of that – to include a clipping on it from a period magazine! Fun!



Thank you!

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