Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.

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Newberry Trail

Lovely riverside walk through old industrial flats. Birds abound. Located between South River Street and Telulah Park in Appleton, the trail runs along the south bank of the navigation canal of the Fox River near downtown. The trail is beautifully landscaped with mature trees in a natural woodland theme, giving the impression of being in the wilderness even though it is in the center of an urban area. Beginning near “Between the Locks”, the trail runs alongside two navigational locks, an iron girder railroad bridge, Lawrence University’s Banta Bowl, and ends at Telulah Park with its Soo Line steam engine and skateboard park. The trail offers spectacular views of the Fox River with ample benches for seating and opportunities for fishing.

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    River Segment: Lower Fox




    Telulah Park
    Appleton, WI